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National Resources on Prosecutorial Discretion, Family Unity Waivers, and Notario Fraud.

January 17th, 2012

Resources and updates on Prosecutorial Discretion from AILA:

Consumer protection info against immigration or notario fraud and unauthorized practice of law:

www.stopnotariofraud.org and www.parefraudenotarial.org

Proposed "Family Unity" provisional waivers information:


Latest Summary of Senate Immigration Reform Bill

Civil, Immigrant, Faith and Labor Groups Applaud President Obama's Principles on Immigration Reform
Grupos de derechos civiles y de derechos del inmigrante, junto a grupos laborales y religiosos celebran el plan de reforma migratoria presentado por el presidente Obama

The Facts Are In: Colorado's "Show Me Your Papers Law" Drains Economy, Threatens Civil Rights
Newly Launched Hotline Reveals Repeated Civil Rights Abuses; Study by Colorado Fiscal Institute Estimates Law Costs Local Law Enforcement $13 Million to Implement