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CIRC Campaigns and Initiatives

The CIRC Steering Committee and Strategic Planning member organizations are leading the following organizing campaigns for 2008:

  • Build the Base to 1) broaden and strengthen membership through education, training and new alliances 2) increase civic participation and 3) change public opinion.
  • Policy and Legislation to pass policies at state and federal level to improve the lives of immigrants. The specific state and federal legislations over the next two years will be:
    • Pass In-State Tuition
    • Repeal or modify SB 90 and legislation related to local/state enforcement
    • Defeat the numerous anti-immigrant state legislation slated for 2008.
    • Pass DREAM Act, AgJOBS and Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
  • Rapid Response to Raids and Repressionto 1) end or modify ICE raids and unjust local/state enforcement policies, 2) minimize the impact of the raids/enforcement and 3) use Rapid Response to strengthen member organizations.