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CIRC Campaigns and Initiatives

The CIRC Steering Committee and Strategic Planning member organizations are leading the following organizing campaigns for 2008:

  • Build the Base to 1) broaden and strengthen membership through education, training and new alliances 2) increase civic participation and 3) change public opinion.
  • Policy and Legislation to pass policies at state and federal level to improve the lives of immigrants. The specific state and federal legislations over the next two years will be:
    • Pass In-State Tuition
    • Repeal or modify SB 90 and legislation related to local/state enforcement
    • Defeat the numerous anti-immigrant state legislation slated for 2008.
    • Pass DREAM Act, AgJOBS and Comprehensive Immigration Reform.
  • Rapid Response to Raids and Repressionto 1) end or modify ICE raids and unjust local/state enforcement policies, 2) minimize the impact of the raids/enforcement and 3) use Rapid Response to strengthen member organizations.


Colorado Advocates Welcome Congressman Luis Gutierrez to Host Citizenship Workshop
The Colorado effort is part of the national New American Democracy Campaign that will host 150+ events and naturalization workshops across the country by May

Colorado Citizenship Now!
¡Colorado Ciudadanía ahora!

CIRC Statement in Support of Refugee and Muslim Communities
"As we deal with the sadness and repercussions from these acts of violence, CIRC is profoundly disturbed and angered by the alarmist, anti-refugee, anti-Muslim response"