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National Affiliations

CIRC members participate in the FIRM, NNIRR and AFSC Advocacy Days in Washington D.C. in 2007

To engage effectively in the national immigrant rights movement and link CIRC member organizations to national resources, CIRC is an active member of the Executive Committees of several national alliances:

Other CIRC national partners include:


Colorado Advocates Welcome Congressman Luis Gutierrez to Host Citizenship Workshop
The Colorado effort is part of the national New American Democracy Campaign that will host 150+ events and naturalization workshops across the country by May

Colorado Citizenship Now!
¡Colorado Ciudadanía ahora!

CIRC Statement in Support of Refugee and Muslim Communities
"As we deal with the sadness and repercussions from these acts of violence, CIRC is profoundly disturbed and angered by the alarmist, anti-refugee, anti-Muslim response"